Asian Hornets
Warnings and additional information
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Beginner's Course
This years biginner's course will be at Kingswood Learning Centre on the 19th and 20th May. (More details will be available soon, watch this space).

Winter Program 2017-2018

October 18th 2017
AGM + Honey Show Judge: Ivor Flatman

November 15th 2017
Roddi Green: Bumble Bees - Bumblebee Trust's Roddi is the Community Development Officer for ‘Pollinating the Peak’

January 17th 2018
Practical Session: Making Hornet traps and preparing bees for the oil seed rape.

February 21st 2018
Jon Burton and Mel Connolly: Diseases and their Management.

March 21st 2018
Dave Shannon: Practical tips to help new beekeepers, also how to use wax.

April 18th 2018
Gerry Collins: Use of Nucs and how to start one.

The next APIMONDIA 2019 congress will be held in
September 8-12 2019.
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