Winter Candy Recipe

What you need is a big pan able to hold, 500ml water, 2 litres sugar.

1. Put water in pan, heat, put in all sugar, stir all the time until the sugar dissolves, heat until it gets to 117 degrees, you will need a cooks thermometer.

2. Put about 2in of cold water in the sink.

3. Once up to heat, take off heat and put in sink (still in the pan) and stir until it thickens and turns milky, once it starts to turn quickly pour into beefeeding containers (plastic food container), let set.

Bakers fondant can be used, it is just an expensive form of candy.

A bag of sugar can be used if it is cold and you are desperate. Make small holes in the side of the bag and pour in a small amount of water. Invert the bag over the feedhole.

For Spring Build up

This Sugar Syrup is recommened for Spring stimulation and build-up.
1kg (2lb) to 1litre (2pts) hot water. This is also known as 1-1 syrup.

For Autumn Build up

This Sugar Syrup is recommened for Autumn stores, in case you have taken off to much honey! or the forage hasn't been that good.
1kg (2lb) to 500ml (1pt) hot water. This is also known as 2-1 syrup.

A tip for getting the syrup dissolved, is to put it into 2litre coke type plastic bottles and give them a go shake every so often. Don't forget to screw the cap on!